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Neopets r online pets that u should get. its a free service so u dont have to worry about a thing.

ok, this isnt about Pokémon, but i suggest u check it out anyway. got it? good!
Neopets r an online community of virtual pets. its free, so u dont have to worry about that. wut is important is that Neopets r rilli fun to play. its not just for little kids, big kids can play it too. and its not too childish either.
there r daily updates, several different worlds to explore, and u can even battle them. they r just like Pokémon. u have to create a pet 1st. then pick its stats and species. there r lots of species availible, trust me! and after that, u can feed ur pet and play with it.
thats not all there is to Neopets. u can build ur pet's level to fight in the Battledome. there r 6 kinds of domes for battle. u can battle a computer opponent or u can battle another Neopets player. the possibilities r endless!
u can collect items to feed ur pet or to play with. u can even sell ur items to other Neopet players. 1st, u'll have to create a shop. u can create ur own guild too. guilds r where other Neopet players gather to talk about anything. u can make ur own or u can join some else's.
u even have ur own web page for u to build. if u make a rilli good one, u can submit it to the Site Spotlight contest. if u win, u get a trophy for ur trophy cabinet. its not a real trophy, its just displayed when another user searches ur username.
last but not least, Neopets offers lots and lots of games. u can play them for fun or to earn eopoints (np). neopoints r a kind of currency used for Neopets. u can use them to buy stuff for ur pet. the more np u have, the more u can buy. u can even buy paint brushes that can make ur pet a fairy (Neopets spell it faerie).
so now that u r interested (i hope...), click a pic to go to Neopets. for those of u who r not interested, i suggest u leave rite away. otherwise, u'll hear me rant on and on about Neopets. u wouldnt want that, would u???