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Pokemon Red

Pokemon Blue

talk to the guy who shows u how to catch a Pokémon. talk to him 5 times. on the 6th time, he'll let u bet on whether he catches his next Weedle or not.
More Damage
hold 'down' and hit 'B' rapidly. ur damage will increase.
Confusion Cheat
when an enemy gets confused, it cant hit right. when they try to attack, hit'A' and 'B' quickly and alternatively. they'll hurt themselves.
Free Items
buy 3 of an item. this is not a glitch.
Clone Pokémon
talk to the guy sho catches Weedle. answer "no". the 2nd time, answer "yes". fly to Cinnabar Island. u'll find a Missingno at level 0. catch it. swim around a little more and encounter another Missingno. it will be a Ditto. release the Missingno and withdraw Ditto. Ditto will be the same as ur 4th Pokémon.
Pokéball into Masterball
while ball is in midair, hold 'B' and 'up'. when ball opens, hold 'B' and 'down'. hold until it stops moving. works about 95% of the time.
Duplicate Items
talk to the guy that shows u how to catch a Pokémon answer "yes" so he'll show u how. fly to Cinnabar Island. put the itme to be duplicated in the 6th space in ur item list. surf on the right side of the island. u'll encounter Missingno, a glitched Pokémon. beat it or run from it to get ur item duplicated.
Get Mew
Mew is rumored to be on a truck on the dock of S.S. Anne. u can push the truck out of the way by using strength. the problem is, u don't have strength when u get on the S.S. Anne. this cheat lets u get HM 1 and doesn't make the ship leave. 1st beat Gary and get HM 1. then go onto the deck and fight a trainer. lose to them to get back to the Pokémon Center. the S.S. Anne still hasn't left yet. when u get strength, go back to the S.S. Anne and surf to the right side of the dock. u'll c the truck. push the truck using strength to find a Pokéball. the Pokéball contains Mew.
Get Rich Quick
duplicate lots of nuggets and sell them all. each nugget should fetch around 5000.
Easy Levels
duplicate lots of rare candies and use them on a Pokémon.
Quick Stats Gain
fight until a move's PP runs out. heal at a Pokémon Center and deposit the Pokémon in a box. withdraw it out again. check its stats. they should be a little higher than before.
Get Through Lavender Town's Tower w/o Finding Silph Scope
Lavender Town's tower is inhabited by ghost Pokémon. if u dont have the Silph Scope, u wont be able to fight or identify them. on the 2nd to the last floor, there is a Marowak ghost. use a Pokédoll on the ghost to make it rest peacefully again. u can now make ur way to the top.
Lose Graphic
if one Pokémon uses substitute and the other uses explosion while substitute is working, the Pokémon that uses explosion wont faint but will lose its graphic temporarily.
Glitched Fushcia City
go into the Safari Zone and walk out. when the person asks u if u want to leave, say "no". u'll be back inside. go to the rest area and talk to the man in glasses. go out of Safari Zone again. say "no" again. when ur inside, save and shut off the power. turn it back on. go out of the Safari Zone, but this time, he asks u if u want to join the hunt. say "no" to get out. walk around a little bit. after 500 steps, the Safari Zone people will call u on the PA. u'll be warped back to Safari Zone. exit the zone and walk out. u'll c that Fushcia City is all glitched up.
Safari Zone Pokémon Elsewhere
go into the Safari Zone and walk in the grass. after u encounter some Pokémon, walk until ur time runs out. exit and surf to Seafoam Islands. surf where it is half on land and half on water. instead of running into water Pokémon, u'll run into Safari Zone Pokémon. u can use Pokéballs and fight the Pokémon now.
Get Yoshi Pic
catch a Dratini in the blue version. trade it to the red version and train it to a Dragonite. trade Dragonite back to blue version. stand where Mewtwo stood and attempt to use a Fire Stone on Dragonite. even though it says it wont work, its pic will be Yoshi's and its number will be 999.
Another Way to Clone Pokémon
go to the trading center. it is located in the Pokémon Center. u should have a sucky Pokémon on 1 party and the Pokémon to be cloned on another. trade those 2 Pokémon. when it says "waiting...", turn off the game with the good Pokémon. the other game may be turned off afterwards. if done correctly, both games will have the good Pokémon. this cheat may delete ur saved game.
Over Level 100 Pokémon
talk 2 times to the guy who tells u how to catch a Pokémon. say "no" the 1st time and "yes" the 2nd time. now fly to Cinnabar Island. surf on half land, half water on the right side of the island. u'll encounter Pokémon over the level 100. i've gotten Snorlax and Golbat before.
Change Color
when the Gameboy 1st turns on, u'll see the Gameboy logo. when it shows, press 'B' and 'right' to turn all color light colors dark and all dark colors light, press 'B' and 'left' to turn the colors to black and white, press 'B' and 'up' to turn all colors to dark brown, press 'B' and 'down' to turn all colors into like brown, press 'A' and 'right' to turn all colors green, press 'up' to turn all colors into a chocolate color, press 'down' to turn colors into pastel colors, press 'right' to turn colors into red and blue, and press 'left' to turn all colors to blue.
Invisible PC
in Celadon City, u'll c a Pokémon hotel. go to the hotel and stand in the left top corner of the room, like where the PC is in a Pokémon Center. there will be an invisible PC there.
Infinite HP
catch a Missingno and use rare candies on it until it grows over level 255. he'll be at level 0 but will have a symbol in front of it. go into battle and get hit. it will have infinite HP and will never faint.
Man on a Roof
go to Cinnabar Island without the secret key. surf up to the gym's door and walk out on land. when it says u dont have the key, u'll c an old man on the gym roof.
Fish in a Statue
go to the Cerulean Gym. walk to the side directly in front of the statue. use a rod and u'll be able to fish.
Surf on a Statue
go to Cerulean Gym and walk in front of a statue. use surf to surf on top on it.
Get to Cycling Road w/o a Bike
deposit ur bike in ur PC. go to cycling road. when u try to get past the guard, press 'left' when u automatically walk toward him. u'll be past him now. when he's finished talking, ur free to walk to Cycling Road. u'll be on a bike even though u dont have one.
Stand on a Bush
use cut to cut down a bush. stand on where that bush was and save. turn off the power. turn it back on. u'll be standing on top of the bush.
Identify Ghosts w/o a Silph Scope
go to Lavender Town's tower without a Silph Scope. when u encounter a ghost, choose PKMN and check a Pokémon's stats. from there, go back to the battle screen. the ghost will be identified, but u still cant battle it.
Pause the Save Screen
when saving, hold the 'A'. after it finishes saving, the save screen will still be on.