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wazzup ya all??? welcome to Pokémon Cheats Galore!!! we r especially dedicated to Pokémon cheats, as u might have noticed. ok, enough small talk. pick a link now!!!!!! and o yea, i fergot to mention that im gonna try to post a new cheat every week. now thats A LOT of cheats!!! :)

welcome to Pokémon Cheats Galore! i've decided to add a new cheat every week, even though the cheat may be just a rumor :P anywayz, its still a cheat isnt it? and cheats r just wut Pokémon Cheats Galore is all about. we have lots and lots of cheats for the Pokémon games. we even have Pokémon Crystal cheats! (though they might be rumors...)
i also have 2 other web sites. those r not as important right now... ok, maybe 1 is important, but... o well, just forget about it. anywayz, wut im trying to say is, this is my 3rd web site. if u think its good, then please email me. my email address is ok, and if u have any suggestions, please email me too. cheats that i don't have here, u can also email to me. well now that u have listened to my endless babbling, u can finally visit some links. by the way, did i tell u i wrote this whole paragraph is because i wanted to add some more space to it. u know, to make it look more professional. get it??? good!
o, and u should rilli get into Neopets. its a rilli kewl online game. its free so u dont have to worry. its also safe. i've been playing it for almost half a year now. u should definitely try it. Neopets has lots of stuff to do. u have to create a pet 1st. then feed it and play with it. best of all, they have daily updates too. if they didn't, it would get pretty boring soon. but it isnt boring. its fun and u should give it a go if ur just plain bored and have nothing to do.
i've heard about the fall of Pokémon. well its not actually falling, but it is not as popular anymore. im a loyal fan of Pokémon. i won't give it up like any other fad. it was Pokémon that introduced me to video games. i still like Pokémon a lot, though. but i like other games too. mostly RPGs, but some sports ones. my faves r Dragon Warrior III and Mario Tennis. i have almost all of the Pokémon games. i have red, blue, yellow, TGC, and silver. i don't plan to get gold or crystal. well not right now anyway. maybe next year....
i have AIM. my screen name is aznwarriordude. i got aznwarriordude from Dragon Warrior. if u want to IM me, u have to talk about Pokémon, or anything video game related. im a RPG freak, so i know the most about RPGs. again, if u want to email me about anything at all, u can reach me at most of the time i will answer. my Neopets username is sohell. ok, enough of my talk. lets pick a link now!!! :)

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